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PodcastingWe are able to offer a number of add-ons and special features to further enhance your website and we describe some of them in more detail in this section.  In addition to those listed in the menu we are also able to offer:

Photo Galleries & Portfolios - to showcase your organisation

Blogging Tools - Blogging is fast becoming a 'must have' on corporate sites, allowing key senior staff to keep a journal of opinions on relevant industry trends and developments .... and allowing visitors to comment and respond.  Read this excellent introduction to Business Blogging.

- For a very sound and readable introduction to this phenomenon visit this How To Podcast site.  If you already have  a blog capable of providing RSS Feeds then you are more than halfway there ....... just the fascinating audio to add to it!


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SiteE@se provides and maintains, free of charge, the following Mablethorpe websites for the benefit of the local community:

sunMy Mablethorpe

small-will-pointMablethorpe Will Do

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